We’re trying to keep things as simple as possible and most of all as accessible as possible to every type of motorcyclist.

Hopefully through the content in our website, we’ve answered many of your questions, if not – feel free to get in touch.

Bookings for motorcycle workstation hire, workshops and courses, parts refurbishment, tyre and puncture services and TIG / MIG welding, alongside motorcycle servicing and repairs are made through our online booking system. Each page relevant to the service or facility will lead you to the relevant booking system.

Our online booking center provides quick access to any type of service or facility you may require. All payments are made online, we do not take payments on site, within the garage. Booking must be made in advance – through our website.

All new customers are required to complete a sign-up / induction process on arrival to the garage . This takes approx 15-20mins, customers are required to permit us taking a copy of their driving licence for ID purposes.

Totally Spanners requires all new customers to complete an induction, as mentioned above, inductions take approx 15-20mins covering use of garage tools, equipment, health and safety aspects and customer registration / sign up. More details on customers induction can be found on the link below.


Totally Spanners is equipped with 5 workstations, which include; professional motorcycle ramp, workbench, fully equipped with professional motorcycle tools, access to air tools and grinder, motorcycle mechanic gloves, overalls, hand cleaner and barrier cream.

Motorcycle workstation areas are fully supervised by friendly, supportive qualified motorcycle mechanics.

All tools and equipment is brand new, all workstations are subject to a tool check before the customer leaves. This is to ensure all tools are present and accounted for. We know how easy it is to be on autopilot and simply put a tool, ratchet or spanner in your pocket. Tool checks help keep your garage fully stocked as it was set up, available for the next customer to use.

As yet, we are not taking deposits, we want to see how it goes and hope our customers respect we are trying to create a valuable resource for the motorcycle community and help us keep it that way.

All customers are required to be shown and fully signed off on how to safely operate the motorcycle ramps or trike ramp. It is a garage requirement that all motorcycles when elevated on the ramps – are secured to ramp using the ratchet straps provided.

Totally Spanners is a fairly spacious, open plan DIY Motorcycle garage, that said – many bodies equals multiplied risks to you and your facilities. For that reason and insurance, we are limited to how many people are permitted at a workstation at any one time.

Motorcycle Workstations = Maximum of 2 People At Any One Time

Trike / Quad Workstation = Maximum of 3 People Any One Time

Our workstation booking system required brief details of what you intend to do in the garage, alongside how many people will be with you.

Totally Spanners provide a basic range of workstation products available from £2.00. We provide our customers, in association with Opie Oilsa range of Motul, Silkolene and Gunk Motorcycle products. Including;

  • Motul Ready to Organic and Factory Line Motorcycle Coolant / Antifreeze 
  • Motul Chain Cleaner
  • Motul Carburettor Cleaner
  • Motul Air Filter Cleaner
  • Motul White Grease Lubricant for Plastic Parts
  • Motul EZ Lube – Multi-Purpose Lubricant
  • Motul Silicone Grease – Water Repellent
  • Motul Top-Gel Microbeads Workshop Soap
  • Motul Bio Wash – Ready to Use Cleaner and Degreaser
  • Silkolene Motorcycle Chain Lube
  • Gunk Degreaser Ultra
  • Gunk Power Spray for Pressure Washers

Please see a member of staff for use of workstation products, which are provided in the required portion size.

We know only too well, when you make a plan – it can and does go wrong. If you have booked a workstation for hire and find your no longer free to spend time in the garage as you intended. All we ask is at least 24hrs notice, of which a refund will be provided.

In giving us 24hrs notice of cancellation, we’ve got the space and time to permit another customer using the time you booked. Also allows us a clear head to make sure your refund is issued in full.

Motorcycle workshops and courses run off their own booking system – long and very complicated story! However, against all odds we have managed to culminate many facets to our website for the benefit of our customers.

If you have booked a workstation or course and are no longer able to attend, all we ask for is at least the heads up – 24hrs before the course start date. Permitting another customer to take your space and us the ability to make sure your refund is issued in full.

Project bikes require a full and FREE consultation and action plan created with your motorcycle mechanic – BEFORE BOOKING.

The reason we insist on this is because even though we have a fairly spacious, open plan garage. We don’t have the space to house multiple project bikes for months on end.

If your project bike does require extensive works, we can offer you various options such as;

  • 1-1 Support
  • Half and Half – You do the aspects you are comfortable with, we do the rest.

After a full consultation we will then be able to establish an approximate timeline, cost and if what you’re looking for with the current bike in question – is possible. Not everything is, depending on condition, the type of motorcycle / trike / scooter or quad, availability of parts – applicable to vintage bikes etc.

Don’t just assume anything is possible, on some occasions costs can outweigh any practicality or reality.

Totally Spanners has a tyre machine and wheel balancer available to conduct punctures repairs and tyre changes.

Customers are not permitted use of the tyre machine or wheel balancer. Unless, fully verified after completing our Tyre and Puncture Repair Workshop. 

Staff or verified customers can operate the tyre machine and wheel balancer – use must be pre-booked.

Totally Spanners provides TIG / MIG welding services catering for motorcycle frame welding, exhaust repairs and other motorcycle metal works repairs.

All TIG / MIG welding is conducted by Frank Tait, a fully qualified and highly experienced welder and motorcycle mechanic.

Welding services can be arranged with Frank direct (direct details at the bottom of the online booking center) or via any of our contact details or phone numbers.

All customers must be shown how to use the parts refurbishment equipment during a seperate parts refurbishment induction. This takes approx 20mins, once shown and understood the trainer / mentor mechanic will sign off, as will the customer.

Parts refurbishment facilities must be pre-booked and arranged in advance. 

Totally Spanners provides motorcycle repairs and servicing of all types of motorcycle. We have an exceptionally skilled and very valuable team of professional motorcycle mechanics. Each specialising in various, popular motorcycle types.

Motorcycle repairs and servicing must be pre-booked in advance, you’re welcome to pop into the garage with your bike for a chat, just give us the heads up first to make sure our mechanics are available to spend time with you.

Cancelling any motorcycle repairs and servicing does require 24hrs notice, as a common courtesy.

Totally Spanners provides a range of professional motorcycle air tools available for customers to use. Air tools are part of the induction process and on hand for all workstation hire customers.

Once shown and understood the trainer / mentor mechanic will sign off, as will the customer.


For customers that are keen to know how, Totally Spanners is here to provide the support and practical experience to enable you to – know how! Our team of professional motorcycle mechanics are qualified teaching mechanics and specialists, each with their own areas of expertise.