Customers looking to book motorcycle workstation hire, must make their booking online using the booking system below. We are not able to take payments for workstations within the garage, all bookings must go through the website. If you have any issues in making your booking, please contact us – we’d be happy to help.


When making a booking, please follow the below instructions, hopefully you find it an easy enough process, in not as above – please contact us and we can process your booking this end.

  1. Select workstation hire from the first option on the booking system
  2. Then select the relevant workstation you require, followed by the location
  3. Once complete, you can enter the date your looking for in the “Show me whats available” feild, or tick or untick any days you want or don’t want to hire a workstation. Either way provides you with a summary of what workstations are available.
  4. Select the time you would like to hire the workstation – to and from.
  5. Once presented with whats available simply click on the time you would like
  6. Enter brief details of what you intend to do in the garage, along with how many people will be with you
  7. Our payment gateway supports PayPal and credit and debit card payments.

*** Note, if you are booking more than one hour, please book individually repeating the above steps ***